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Farewell: India and Nepal

You are now just a refection in our minds.  We are home safe and sound, and looking back on all the exciting things we have seen and done.  We want to thank all of you who took this journey with us via the internet.  We hope you enjoyed the photos and brief descriptions.  Thank you so much for all the great comments you posted as we went along.


We also want to thank the fabulous group of folks who were on our journey with us. We miss you already.  India Group PhotoAnd, we especially want to thank our wonderful guide, Vikas (sitting far left).  You made us laugh with your quick wit and humor. But most of all, you made us feel safe and comfortable in your home country.  You are great!


Disclaimer I have, on purpose, talked and posted photos of the beautiful and wonderful things we experienced in both India and Nepal.  There is, of course, the underbelly of both countries that is sad and heartbreaking:  poverty, filth, and overpopulation, to name only a few.  Both of these countries, but especially India, suffer from a huge influx of refugees from a number of countries.  It taxes a system that is already staggering under it’s own population problems.  Natural resources are strained to the limit, and the homeless literally pour into the streets to live, sleep and eat. This is, however, a beautifully open and inclusive culture. One cannot help but fall in love with the people themselves. Part of us will stay behind with them and wish them only the best.