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Glacier National Park, Montana

In June 2013, we caught an Amtrac train from Chicago to Seattle for a 2-day / 1-night train ride and a 5-day layover in Glacier Nation Park.  We occupied a “sleepette” room on the train that was beyond “compact”…won’t do that again!  It was an interesting trip, but very long because Amtrac is famous for being late, and they were 6 hours late getting us to the Park.  Train trip from Glacier to Seattle went much smoother.Glacier National Park

Our weather was wonderful, and even though it was Mid-June, the Sun Pass across the Continental Divide had just opened to tourist on the day we arrived.Gacier National Park

The lodges we stayed in were beautiful, but pretty basic.  If you are a “5-star” traveler, you might want to rethink staying in these lovely old lodges.

Enjoy our beautiful country, piece by piece.Glacier National ParkGlacier National ParkGlacier National Park